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Jewelry store, Vienna (3)

Nos Petites Reveries, Vienna

Today it’s something different than fashion or photography, I’m going to talk about this lovely blog: Nos Petites Reveries !

2 awesome girls, Viktoria and Nina, started this blog a few months ago. I would describe it as a mix of fashion, events in Vienna, but also just everyday things such as a cute picnic in the park! I think these girls have a great style and are overall very creative and sweet!

I got to know Viktoria 2 weeks ago in the jewelry store where she works. I asked her then if I could maybe take a picture of her because I really liked her clothes. After that I went back a second time to take some more pictures of what she was wearing.

I think you guys should definitely check this blog out!

The 2 girls at the Nelly High Heels Tour 2011 (source: clubinfo.tv)

Nina showing her clothes and gorgeous bag!

Viktoria posing for the camera with an amazing outfit!

Some of Viktoria’s favorite rings!

Starbucks, Vienna