Nos Petites Reveries, Vienna

Today it’s something different than fashion or photography, I’m going to talk about this lovely blog: Nos Petites Reveries !

2 awesome girls, Viktoria and Nina, started this blog a few months ago. I would describe it as a mix of fashion, events in Vienna, but also just everyday things such as a cute picnic in the park! I think these girls have a great style and are overall very creative and sweet!

I got to know Viktoria 2 weeks ago in the jewelry store where she works. I asked her then if I could maybe take a picture of her because I really liked her clothes. After that I went back a second time to take some more pictures of what she was wearing.

I think you guys should definitely check this blog out!

The 2 girls at the Nelly High Heels Tour 2011 (source:

Nina showing her clothes and gorgeous bag!

Viktoria posing for the camera with an amazing outfit!

Some of Viktoria’s favorite rings!


One response to “Nos Petites Reveries, Vienna

  1. Thank you soooo much for this lovely entry! Highly appreciate it ❤

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