Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog, I hope you are enjoying it 🙂

On this page I’m going to try to give  a description of myself… I’m not really good at introducing myself but I’ll try my best.

I’m a 15-year-old girl from Antwerp, Belgium. I live in Vienna (Austria) at the moment (a beautiful city!).

I spent my free time reading magazines/books, hanging out with friends and blogging. I’m someone who adores photography! That is something I love to do in my free time 🙂 A few months ago I started taking pictures of a pretty Japanese friend I have (Kasumi, if you read this: I love you!). And I just started taking pictures of other friends I have, which I will post on my blog 🙂

Other things I like: coffee & tea, good movies, Belgian chocolate, fashion, newspapers, Christmas, cars,…

Things about me: I’m a very shy person… Oh and also very disorganized and clumsy. I’d like to think I’m a nice person and a good friend, but I’m not too sure haha.



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